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  • Aluminum Finish10:20 AM 10/26/2010es

Our finishes include anodized finishes, electrolytic coloring (2-step), chemical finishes, mechanical finishes and liquid paint.

We offer a full range of anodic coatings, organic and inorganic, as well as Class I and Class II architectural coatings, which meet or exceed AAMA 611.98 standards.

Electrolytic coloring, or 2-step anodizing, offers a color range from champagne to black and is more resistant to fading than conventional color anodizing.

Chemical finishes yield a matte or satin surface appearance (etched).

Liquid acrylic paint is electrostactically applied and cured in a high temp oven. Our paint applications meet or exceed AAMA 2603-02 standards.

In addition to our in-house finishing and fabricating capabilities, we offer contracted brite-dip, brushed and powder coat finishes. Loxcreen is a full service extruder - we create partnerships with customers to make sourcing a one-stop process.

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Acid Etch Anodizing

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